Start of "a performancelife - solidarity for Japan": Cologne, 17th of March, 2011

Dear Friends in Japan, Dear Japanese Citizens,

we enlarge our energy-pool of the lifelong solidarity project
"a performancelife" for You.
Our good thoughts and our prayers are with You.

colleting signatures as an expression of solidarity with Japan, being collected since Thursday 17th of March, 2011

Since the middle of the 80th I went to Japan several times. With my lifelong project "a performancelife - empathy and solidarity for people sufering from cancer" I was guest in Your country, too and got a lot of positive featback in the OAG at Goetheinstitut Tokyo and especially during my 3 month "artist in residence stay" in Aomori City at ACAC in 2002, coming back again one year later, to participate in Aomori's great Nebuta Festival.
I got to know some of the landscapes which now have been wasted completely by the Tsunami, met people who lived there.
From my friends in Aomori I learned in between two electric power cut offs that they and the city are o.k.. Of course they are afraid because of the latest news about the nuclear catastrophe - like You all are. Earth Quake, Tsunami, Nuclear Catastrophe - incredible what has been put on Japan's Shoulders.
Life sometimes is just injust and cruel.
We feel with You sending to You the power of thoughts and good wishes.
We keep putting up candles for You in the cathedrale of Cologne/Germany and other places.

The works are going to be sold by auction. Auction proceeds will be donated to Japan Aid.

YOU can send YOUR NAME so that it can be written on one of the boards - to let the solidarity grow. Thanks.
If You like to participate: Please send Your name to:

Friday, 18th of March, in front of the cathedrale of Cologne, Foto: Dierk Stuckenschmidt

Fuldaer Zeitung vom 26.03.2011

a performancelife e.V.
Siglinde Kallnbach/Cologne, Germany
zur Ausstellung in Japan 2005


May 15th, 2011: There are some thousand signatures already: Thank You very much!