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01.Oktober 01 Köln
20. Oktober 01 Berlin
Maria Luisa Leyo
Vittore Baroni
Klara & Mara
Antono Sassu, Gruppo Sinestetico
Constance Portier 
Deutsche Krebshilfe Bonn
Dr. Anne Breuer
Dr. Katan Madaria
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a performancelife

 performance-action 2001 - 2008
by Siglinde Kallnbach

- it can happen to everyone. 

Show Your solidarity
by writing down Your name. 

  You can write down names 
(and/or nicknames and pseudonyms) of persons that You think of in this context as well: 
People suffering from cancer, beloved ones that have passed away, friends, relations, persons You know personally or through the internet - affected by this disease or not affected, just being sensitive to this matter.
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This list started on Oct. 1st, 2001 in Cologne/Germany during "Aktion Lucia" about breast cancer. 
     It was continued during Oct. 20th in Berlin, during the demonstration "Fordern statt Dulden" (“Demanding instead of Suffering”), again about breast cancer. 

Continously it is possible to leave 
Your name/Your contribution here: 


Or send to:
Siglinde Kallnbach
Postfach 30 07 43
50777 Cologne/Germany

Thank You very much! 

At the beginning of 2009 all names and other contributions will be transformed
into another work of art.
The procedure is similar to Kallnbach’s project before that one: “Wunschspur – Wishingtrack” 1999 – 200". The artist had collected over 4000 wishes from all over the world and transformed them into a 461m long abtract curve: wwww.wishingtrack.de , www.wishingtrack.com ,
book „Siglinde Kallnbach: Wunschspur – Wishingtrack“, Salon Verlag 2002,

ISBN 3-89770-166-9

     Idea and copyright: 

by artist Siglinde Kallnbach 


performancelife  - an ongoing action 
for ill and healthy people, from 2001 - 2008
Up to date: 
Dec. 2008, more than 30 900 signatures

CUTS / Rheingold - Shinkansen,
exhibition and performance

Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst Aachen (link)<
Jülicher Straße 97-109, 52070 Aachen

Vernissage: 26.9.08, 20.00 Uhr Fotolink <
Ausstellungsdauer:26.9.2008 - 4.1.2009

a performancelife
at UICC Kongress,
27. - 31.08. 2008, Genova/Schwei Fotolink <

former Praesident Dr. Franco Cavalli,
Praesident Prof. David Hill


"a performancelife schwebend/Rheingold - Shinkansen",
artist in residence, performance, exhibition

Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal <
(07./08. 2008)
"Ein Koffer im Outback",
exhibition and performance
Galerie Kunsthaus Oberkassel Duesseldorf
< (05./06.2008)


exhibition HC-BC, Okt. 07

"a performancelife" live
at 31st Evangelischer Kirchentag
in Cologne/Germany, 6-10.6.07
signing for "a performancelife"
during the
exhibition "Rheingold - Shinkansen",
Kunststation Kleinsassen 2006
signing for "a performancelife" during
RACE FOR THE CURE, 25.09.05 inFrankfurt:

sportswomen Helga Arend (r) und Heike Drechsler (l) ,
Olympic Games - winner and Komen - ambassadress
signing for "a performancelife" (from the left):
Prof. Dr. Beat Thürlimann (president of the Senology
Society of Swizerland), Prof. Dr. Walter Jonat, German
Senology Society
, Prof. Dr. Christian Menzel
(pres.of the Society of Senology of Austria)

congress in Stuttgart/Germany, 8th - 10th of Sept.2005

"a performancelife" eingeladen von

signing for "a performancelife" during
"Masterclass in Cancer Patient Advocacy"
European Cancer Patient Coalition, ECPC
May 28-29 2005, Milano/Italy


signing for
"a performancelife":
Ulla Schmidt (r),
German Minister of Health,
Prof. Michael Bamberg (l),
Präsident of the
German Cancer Society
1. Offene Krebskonferenz
Berlin 2005

Foto: Gudrun Kemper

Exhibition 11 x 11
Siglinde Kallnbach und die KG Alt-Köllen vun 1883 e.V.
Kölnisches Stadtmuseum
Zeughausstr. 1- 3
50667 Köln
23rd of January - 18th of February, 2004

KG Alt-Köllen Präsident Hans Brocker, Senatspräsident
Wolfgang Kaup und Vorsitzender Hubert Aretz are signing.

Foto: Dr. Rolf Phillips


"a performancelife in Japan", Sept.-Dez. 2002


Here: Japan Women's Forum in Aomori
Foto: N. Hashimoto, Courtesy Aomori Contemporary Art Center

Seishi Nakamoto Museum Sendai, Kyoto,
Doitsu Bunka Kaikan Tokyo...
In Japan about 1500 people participated in "a performancelife".

The action consists now of more than 30 900 signatures.
As time went by, the work expanded - and contributions
of different kind were added. All these different contributions
- photographies, drawings, etc - are part of the project as well.
Please make clear if your contribution may be published.


Thanks to
a performancelife e.V.